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"Cancellation Policy"
How can I cancel an order?
An order can be cancelled from the ‘Order Details’ screen on our website/ app (‘Platform’) or by calling our customer care number 997 888 2709 before
it is marked as “Out for Delivery”. Else, a refund will be processed as per the Refund Policy.

"Return Policy:"
At Panchamrut Herbals, we aim to provide a hassle-free and transparent return process. Please familiarize yourself with our return policy to ensure a smooth experience.

Time Period for Return:
We have a product-specific return policy, with the return window ranging from 0-7 days from the date of delivery. The specific return period for each product can be found on the respective product page.
It is essential to check the return policy associated with each product before placing an order to understand the applicable time frame for returns.

Products Not Eligible for Returns:

• Certain circumstances render products ineligible for return as per the terms outlined on our website/application.
Products are not eligible for return under the following conditions:

• If the item has been opened, partially used, or disfigured.
• If the product has been tampered with.
• If the product packaging, packaging box, or packaging seal has been tampered with. We strongly advise users to inspect the package carefully upon acceptance from the delivery agent and refrain
  from accepting the order if the package appears to be tampered with.
• If the product detail page specifies that the product is non-returnable.
• When accessories/freebies supplied with the product are missing.
• Any damage/defect not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
• The product is without original packing and accessories/freebies.
• If the product is damaged due to misuse.

It is crucial for our customers to review the product-specific return policy and conditions before initiating a return. We prioritize your satisfaction and are here to assist you through a seamless return process within the specified guidelines. If you have any queries, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance.

How to Return:
Returning a product is simple and convenient. Follow these easy steps on the Platform to initiate a return within the specified time frame:

Go to My Orders:
Navigate to the "My Orders" section on the Platform. This can usually be found in your user account.

Select the Respective Order:
Identify and select the specific order containing the product you wish to return.
Click on 'RETURN':
Within the order details, locate and click on the 'RETURN' option. This initiates the return process.

Check Return Eligibility:
Verify if the product(s) you want to return are eligible for return and fall within the active return window.

Select Item and Reason:
Choose the item you wish to return, specify the quantity, and provide the reason for the return. This information helps us improve our services and ensures a smooth return process.

Submit Return Request:
After selecting the item and providing the reason for return, submit your return request.

Await Approval:
Your return request will be processed, and you will receive approval from us within 24 to 48 hours. This approval will be communicated via phone or message.

Initiate Return:
Once your return request is approved, you will be provided with the necessary details to proceed with the return. This may include instructions on packaging and the return address.

Courier Charges:
Please note that the courier charge for the returned order will not be refunded. Ensure that the returned items are appropriately packaged and shipped to the provided address.

"Additional Note:"
To provide clarity and ensure a seamless return experience, kindly take note of the following important details:

Non-Returnable Items:
Items marked as "Non-Returnable" on the product detail page or those whose return window has expired cannot be returned.

Combined Returns:
If a non-returnable item is returned along with another returnable item, we will disallow the refund or return of the non-returnable product. Our team will verify the returned items to ensure adherence to our return policy.

Medicine Dispatch Error:
In the rare event of dispatching any medicine other than what was ordered, we apologize for the inconvenience. In such cases, the courier charge will be refunded, and the amount for the actually ordered medicine will be credited to your wallet.

Return Process for Medicine Dispatch Error:
To rectify the error, kindly follow these steps:
Return the entire order, including the incorrectly dispatched medicine, to our address.
Upon receiving the returned order, we will dispatch the correct medicine at no additional shipping charge.

"Refund Policy:"

1. Refund Process:
Orders cancelled by the website/application or the customer, as well as returned goods, will be refunded to the website/application wallet. Customers can utilize this amount in subsequent orders.

2. Transfer to Bank Account:
If customers wish to transfer the refunded amount to their bank account, they are required to provide their bank information via email. We will initiate the deposit to the provided bank account as per our refund policy.

3. Refund Timeline:
Please note that the refund amount mentioned during the return process on the Platform is an estimate. The final refund will be determined after completion of verification.
Upon receipt of the returned product at our location and verification by our team, eligible refunds will be initiated.
The sanctioned refund amount will be credited to the website/application wallet within 1 business working day.
To deposit the sanctioned refund amount into your bank account, please send your bank information via email. The amount will be deposited within 2 to 3 working days.

4. Fraudulent Activities:
We reserve the right to claim back any refund processed as a result of fraudulent activities, such as the return of incorrect products or incorrect quantities.

5. Return of Cancelled Order Amount:
The amount for orders cancelled by the customer will be refunded within 3 to 4 business working days.

The amount for orders cancelled through the website/application will be refunded within 2 business working day.

"Shipping and Delivery Policy:
To ensure prompt and efficient delivery, please provide accurate contact details, including your zip code, during registration. Having your correct contact
number and email address is crucial for effective communication and excellent service.
Shipping charges will be communicated to the customer during billing. The delivery time is estimated and depends on the courier company's schedule.

Shipping information, including tracking details, will be sent to your registered mobile through the website/application for real-time updates on the courier's location.
Estimated delivery time within India is typically 5-7 business days, though this may vary based on your location.
If your area is not covered by our regular courier service, we will dispatch your order through Speed Post, with delivery durations ranging from 7-10 days.
Please be aware that orders from North East states of India may require a minimum of 10-12 business days for delivery.

Your cooperation in providing accurate information ensures a seamless and timely delivery experience.
Thank you for choosing Panchamrut Herbals."

"Health Disclaimer for Ayurvedic, Herbal and Wellness Products:"
It's crucial to be aware that our products are not accompanied by any form of warranty due to the individual nature of health responses. Importantly, some Herbal/Ayurvedic remedies may interact with medications you are currently taking. We strongly advise you to inform your healthcare provider about all supplements and medications you are using to avoid potential interactions.

We offering warranty with collaborating with trusted vendors, from exclusive products to seamless services, our brand and vendor partnerships aim to elevate your shopping journey.

Brand Warranty:
We take pride in offering high-quality herbal and wellness products. While we don't provide a traditional product warranty, we are committed to your satisfaction. 
Our brand warranty encompasses coverage for any packing defects or discrepancies between the actual product and the product image on our website. 
Additionally, if you encounter a difference in the MRP between our website and the actual product, our brand warranty ensures resolution.

Vendor Warranty: 
"As part of our dedication to providing a seamless shopping experience, our vendor warranty addresses shipping and delivery concerns. If, for any reason, our shipping and delivery policy is not fulfilled by our vendor partners, you have the right to claim and resolve your concerns. 
We understand the importance of reliable and timely delivery for your herbal and wellness products. Should you encounter any issues related to shipping, feel free to reach out to our customer service team.


Your health is our utmost concern, and we want to empower you to make informed decisions about your well-being.
By choosing Panchamrut Herbals, you acknowledge and understand the necessity of
seeking professional healthcare advice before starting any new health regimen.
We appreciate your commitment to your health and well-being."



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